Monthly Archives: October 2016

With support like this, how can I go wrong?

  Wanted to express my sincere appreciation for some local cats who’ve been helping me get my parts – and my act — together. String players Jim Carrer, Joseph Pagan, and Michael Fan have been invaluable in helping me with the string parts. Christine Boone gave me great advice about the harp, as did Gus […]

Working with Marty Khan

I’m excited to be working with Marty Khan as my consultant. A 40-year veteran of the music business – with an emphasis on realizing artistic visions through practical strategies — Marty is a wealth of information. His book Straight Ahead gives invaluable perspective and advice about how a guy like me can ultimately achieve my […]

Back to posting (Has it been THIS long???)

Well I realize it’s been a LONG time since I’ve posted anything here….Life has a way of going by faster and faster. But my lack of posting in no way reflects a lack of activity regarding the Liminality project. So with your indulgence, I’ll be posting more to catch people up on the last few […]