the recording

Imagine going on a journey so profound that by the end you will not be the same person you once were. You will not see yourself or the world as you once did. Now imagine the tipping point between the old and the new perceptions, before crossing over from what was, to what will be. That moment of your journey is the essence of liminality.  Whether transitions of consciousness, identity, relationships, or communities — from a state of mind to a moment in time – liminality is the twilight on the eve of profound change.

In a sense, this musical project seeks to explore a similar space. Combining an improvisational ensemble with strings, the project weaves together jazz, fusion, and world beats with chamber and orchestral elements. The music ranges from strictly composed to purely improvisational. The texture ranges from the power of the full ensemble with strings to the delicacies of solo and duet performances. At times the music floats in ethereal spaces inspired by European influence; other times it is driving, anchored by the rhythms of America, Brasil, India, and Afro-Cuba.

The improvisational ensemble consists of piano/keyboards, bass, guitar, voices, flute, drums, tabla, and hand percussion. Far from providing mere background support, the strings are an integral part of the overall ensemble in the pieces they perform on. Sometimes they are featured alone, sometimes fronting the band, and sometimes playing off of the band, and off each other, as if in dialogue.

The music heard on this website are demo excerpts of the project. These demo excerpts are not the tracks to be used for the actual production, but are provided here to get a sense of what could be possible, given the ideal music circumstances.* (Complete versions of these demo recordings can be made available upon request.)


The music is challenging, both to play and produce. The musicians in the core ensemble must be well-rounded, well-rehearsed, and proficient enough to move freely between fixed chamber parts and wide improvisational spaces. For this reason, Eric has put together a world-class international ensemble, with the recording to begin in 2018. Much of the ensemble will be recorded live in the studio, in order to capture the spontaneous musical dialogue taking place.

Eric is currently looking for financial assistance in order to help realize this project. To this end, Eric is excited to be a part of Dynamic Art Concepts, a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to increasing awareness, activities and appreciation for contemporary fine arts and music. Through Dynamic Art Concepts all donations to the Liminality project are tax deductible. Check the news page for upcoming fundraising campaigns and events.

*Special thanks to the following people for their help in creating these demos:

  • Katherine Byrnes, vocals (The Dreamers, Last Cha-Cha For July)
  • Laura Sante, vocals (All Things Known)
  • David Craig, piano (All Things Known)
  • Doug Martin, piano (The Stillness) and synth lead (Intermission)
  • Aliéksey Vianna, guitar (The Stillness)
  • Gus Woodrow, guitar and engineer (Where the North Wind Blows), guitar intro (The Stillness)
  • Todd Hammes, tabla (The Stillness)
  • Wiley Ross, engineer (The Stillness, Intermission, assistance on The Dreamers and Last Cha-Cha For July)